Age of Androids

We are now accepting submissions for our second issue.

We are accepting:

  • Short Stories
  • Artwork/Comic Strips
  • Short Graphic Stories

You can read more about our submission policy here.  Just remember that your submission must be approved by our cranky editor.  His word is AoA law, so make sure your submission is up to snuff!

For more information, contact us at, or check out our submissions page.

Deadline for Issue 2: September 15, 2013


Debut Issue!

Age of Androids Issue 1

Debut issue at Comic Con International

Our first issue is here!  Age of Androids, our quarterly science fiction magazine with short stories, art, graphic stories and more, will be debuting this week!

Our official launch date is July 18, 2013 at Comic Con International in San Diego.  We will be giving out limited copies of our first issue, only available at the show. Can't make the show? Check back here for how to get your copy of the first issue.

You can also see some of our content from issue one here, including:

  • "The Prototype" by David Kramp
  • "Rat Trap" By Maria Perry
  • "Intellectual Property" by Greg McWhorter
  • "Model X29" by J.A. Pringles.


LA Science Fiction Convention

Free Magazines at the L.A. Comic Book and Sci Fi Con

Catch us at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention this Sunday, August 18.  You can come by our booth for free magazines, bookmarks and other goodies.

For directions and more information, visit the convention website at


short story: intellectual property by greg mcwhorter

The earthman gawked in horror at the spectacle that he was witnessing from the observation deck of the Taletherian spaceship. Don Larson’s feet and wrists were bound and he was spread in an ‘x’ formation; electrodes had been attached to his head. He could not believe what he was seeing.


short story: Model X29 by j.a. pringles

It was the third annniversary of the Model X experiment. Our task of observing X29 continued on, with little fanfare to that day.  The local Model time was set at a ratio of 10K to 1;  for every 1 day that passed here on our macro planet, 10,000 days passed on the micro model.


Short Story: The Prototype by David Kramp

Floyd removed his thin silver-rimmed glasses and rubbed his eyes. The single lamp that sat upon his desk cast shadows upon a chaotic work area littered with papers and random robotic parts.   It was the end of another fourteen hour day and Floyd had finally figured out why his previous prototypes had failed.



Short Story: Rat Trap by Maria A. Perry

The first time the lights turned on, he remembered a surge of panic coursing through his chest, leaving him to shake with nerves and some sort of nonphysical cold…dread, probably, if he had a word for it back then.
It shone so brightly that he had to resist the urge to slap his eyes closed and bury his head under his arms, as many of his brothers had.



Billennium 12 : Chapter Zero

The Billennium 12:  Chapter Zero and Prequel to the Billennium 12 story. Read the first chapter below, as The saga of Strat 9, Bellis Oavolus and the mysteries of farthest time are explored. This is an unedited version, only available online.  All other versions of this tale will be edited further.