Stories Billennium 12 : Chapter Zero

The Billennium 12:  Chapter Zero and Prequel to the Billennium 12 story. Read the first chapter below, as The saga of Strat 9, Bellis Oavolus and the mysteries of farthest time are explored. This is an unedited version, only available online.  All other versions of this tale will be edited further.


High above Strat 9, we lie in awakened sleep, nine of the twelve conmelds in pro consciousness.  My dom brain is in full capacity, while Ether and Id melds share idle banter in the third subcon.  Id is currently ten dom of the twelve, but the capacity for emotional distress rises slowly by the century.  It will soon be time for another Lobot exposure, eliminating Id's effectiveness.   We place Id in dormancy, forcing it to quietude for the time being.

We rise slowly, limbs twelve and thirteen lifting body out of the invitro wash. Performing body analysis, more lycosomes have deteriorated slowly in appendage eight and fifteen.  I awaken the Purusha meld, and restructure has commenced.  Ingestion begins of nutritional yeast and bicards.  Purusha has reconstructed the lycosomes, and excretion of the damaged cells has begun. Decycling and Rejection have initiated.  Our cells have deteriorated morequickly in the last centuries; soon we must perform a more thorough analysis, with Pakriti and Ether both activated.

Strat 9 is quiet once again.  No humans have laid eyes on it for several decades.  None save our conmelded minds and multi bodies; we are the sentry of the ninth moon, seekers of the last secret of space. Our existence one of crowded solitude, both eager and apathetic; the bi product of scietic mental manipulations of millennia past.

There was a time that we/I were not alone here, aboard Bellis Oavolus, last of the organic stations.  There once were ninety members of the pride, with several hundred conmelded minds sharing thoughts and concepts on the origin of Strat 9.  There was peace and science here, curiosity and speculation.  That was before the Id project had taken root, and the oldest enemy of man had returned.

We travel the cavernous passages of Bellis Oavolus, until we enter the main hallway of the giant beast.  A gentle yet pungent breeze brushes our faceted heads, and we know that we are in the Esophagal chambers.  Oavolus is in hibernation now, conserving energy for what one day will surely be its final voyage into the binary suns of the Kelvett system.  The great flaw of the Bellis experiments, as all the other grown ships have been driven mad and suicidal.  For now, Oavolus has served well, and has proven the perfect home and quiet companion.  Eight of the twelve melds feel honor to have served inside such a loyal behemoth; while three fear the doom that will surely come from its final voyage.  The Id meld withholds its thoughts on the topic.  Strange that a mind keeps secrets from itself, though Id is the newest of the non-native melds.

I/we continue our travel towards the engineering corpuscle.  As we arrive, the gallery of bodies lies before us, each ready for its given task.  We enter the salo chloro chamber, our consciousness leaves us momentarily, and for an instance, death has taken us.  Nothingness is soon replaced by consciousness, and finally the green awareness of the Melero Ez construct is under our control.

Melero Ez.  Body so dense and massive, that even the slightest movements must be watched carefully in Oavolus, lest we startle the sleeping beast.  Impervious to the vaccuum of space and resistant to solar heat, Melero Ez was often used as the body of choice for mining operations off the rings of Severis.  Currently, we use Melero as an exploratory body, able to move on Strat 9 with relative ease.  Four limbed like our biped ancestors, Melero is limited to two manual operations at a time, much less than the capabilities of our minds, but enough for exploratory purposes.  An electrical impulse from Melero's static charged fingers, and Oavolus inner membrane opens.  We step through several muco webs until we reach the outer pores.  Another impulse and the pores contract, enough for Melero to ease through the opening.

We glide down the winds of Strat 9's atmosphere; Melero Ez's gravity reductors easing the pull of Strat 9.  It is a pleasant but short journey, and soon we touch the face of the celestial body.  A moments adjustment, and the exploration begins, and once again we hope to find the great secret that Strat 9 holds.

End Chapter Zero

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